Fishing Report 2018

May 26th, 2018

Missouri River 17,600, its high and going to get even higher.  The river was pretty clear yesterday, fishing is not bad, nymphing, good, dry fly, better late in the day . Streamers better on those low light days.

Flies, sow bugs and wire worms seem to be the ticket for now, but other nymphs work as well, caddis and mayfly nymphs, jigheads seem to be best. Also, crayfish patterns will get them as well. The trick is to fish with weight, split shots will help the flies to get in the zone much quicker.

The local guides know where to fish, and this is even more important  than what you are fishing with, get a guide!

It is hard to say just how high the water levels will get to, but, if you are a betting person,  you can bet on just how high the water will get, the Orvis store in Craig, Cross Currents, has a board, For $20, and a good cause, you might be able to win some caaaash. Half the proceeds go to the Upper Missouri Watershed Alliance , there is some $$$ for the correct guess, and at this point, its anyone’s guess, it is weather dependent….

Happy Memorial Day!

Be careful out on the river, its no joke!


May 8th 2018



The flow out of Holter Dam is steady at 12400 fps, but the Dearborn river is on the rise. And as of today 1537 fps,  we are starting to lose islands below mid canyon. Rain is on the way, so lets see what tommorow brings. It is looking like flooding is on the way….



May 1st 2018,

Today the Missouri River coming out of Holter Dam is flowing at 11,000 fps. The upper river above the Dearborn River is very fishable as far as clarity, and some boats are doing better than others as far as catching is concerned. With most of the other rivers in the State muddy, and flooding, there are quite a few out of area guides and outfitters here on the Missouri, and its about to get crowded…The water is warming, and as it warms the fishing will improve. We do have Baetis and Midges, I saw a few  spring stone flies, some small black, and just a few Skwallas, but that was before the lower river turned muddy. The lower river is running about 12-13000 fps, visibility varies day to day. It is raining as I’m writing this, so, it could get very muddy tomorrow.

Flies that are working, Scuds and sowbugs, #14-18, Baetis style nymphs, PT jigheads in #16 work, along with just about any small mayfly nymph. Worms, everyday is a little different, wire orange, size #6-8, san juans with tungsten beads in size’s #6-14, depending on the day, all colors, pink, brown, red, two tones, merlot have been good. Pink  jigheads somedays,  The trick is to get down, pretty deep, xtra weight a must….

Streamers are working probably the best, there are too many to list, but large flashy Black, yellow and rust, Green and different sizes, from small #10 – #2, flashy, with rubber legs, yea that will work…Day to day you have to see what appeals to the trout, try different colors and sizes for that particular day. Skull heads are good and heavy, big heavy eyes will get them down as well.

You can keep up to date on water levels @, good luck!

April 15th, 2018

Tax day, well tomorrow  will be the last day to file your taxes, it’s Sunday today, so we all get one more day. The weather and fishing have both been inconsistent, mainly due to water levels, the day that the river comes up, fishing slows until it levels out and stabilizes. The good news is , that the water most days is clear, or clearish….Fishable, and with the huge snow pack in the Rockies, we like the fact that we can get out and fish. The water as of yesterday is at around 8000 cfs, and what is expected, this will be ” low water levels”. So, if your thinking of coming out to Montana to fish, check with your local fly shops for info, and if you are considering coming to the Missouri River, check out for fishing reports, water levels etc… Third page down on the left hand column.


This photo was taken last year at this same date, green, flowers, etc… This year we are still getting snow, yes, we are around 3 weeks behind. But, it is starting to look somewhat like Spring.

The fishing is not too bad for all things considered, for flies, sow bugs, scuds, worms of many colors and sizes, baetis nymphs, zebras, and a great variety of streamers, with hopes of Dry Fly fishing in the near future, the Baetis should get going  very soon.

I hope you got your taxes in time, and if you didn’t, you still have time…See you on the water…

February 21st, 2018

Update, it has quit snowing but it is very cold here in North Central Montana, well below Zero. This looks like the last of the super cold , it is suppose to warm some what this weekend, and next week looks like the return to some marginal fishing weather, yes, we are all ready to get out of the house and start getting some rowing time! The lower part of the river around Cascade has froze,  bank to bank, I have never seen that in February ever! This is what happens around New Years, but, not this late in the year. Think Spring!


FEBRUARY 10th , 2018

Snowing like crazy,  it looks like a good water year for the upper Missouri River . It is suppose to warm a bit next week, so I’ll get out and do some floating and fishing. From speaking with other Fly Fishing guides, it looks to be a busy season for 2018, if you have not made reservations for being guided, you might want to get on it, the Month of June is looking pretty booked , for guides and accommodations, so, with the possibility of high water this Spring, July is looking good. I have openings in July, and August, which should be prime time, you can contact me @ Mark Daly  406 459 9642, or e-mail,, good luck , and  hope to see you out on the Missouri River this season!

DECEMBER 7Th, 2017

Fishing is still going, the Streamer bite is still going OK, the weather for the next week to 10 days looks pretty good. Duck hunting is slow for this time of year, we did have one week where the river was full of Geese and Ducks back at the start of November, but once it warmed  up, the Ducks headed south.

Have a great winter!


May 10th 2017

The fishing is pretty good despite the river near 10,000 CFS, it is raining right now, and the river is on the rise. The forecast is for  the weather improving this week, which should stable flows. The Baetis are going great, Midges are hatching good early and late. The Caddis are thick on the rainless days, mainly in the lower river, but a few starting to show up around Craig. I have seen a few March Browns, but with the higher water, very few…. Nymphing has been solid, now with the warmer temps, the trout should be looking for more variety other than scuds and sowbugs, try new bugs, its time!

Streamer fishing has been really good some days, of course on those cloudy, dark, or rainy days… The river is getting ready to POP, more stable weather, more stable flows will be the ticket…. To check water levels on the Missouri near Craig , and the Dearborn , go to my website at  , third selection on the left side, Fishing reports , and water flows…

April 23, 2017


 The water is getting warmer, and stable at 7000 cfs, the fishing is very good.  Midges in the morning, and Baetis in the afternoons. The fish are rising on both when there is low light. Streamers are working as well, nymphs are the main bite inducer, but when there are clouds, the hatches are incredible, bank to bank…. I have opening for guiding, this month and next month, 406 459 9642, don’t miss out!

April 1st 2017

Spring has Sprung, it really feels like fishing weather! The river has been in good shape due to the cool nights, the run-off is being delayed, until the weather really turns warmer in the night times. For now, we are experiencing low, cool , clear water, and the fishing some days is pretty darn good. The entire river is fishing pretty solid, hard to say what time of day is better, some days the mornings are very active, and other days later in the PM is super active.


There are Midges, both Red and Black, the fish will feed when the light is lower, early AM, or later in the PM. They do rise, just not so well mid-day on the midges. But, right now, there seems to be fair numbers of Skwala (Stoneflies) and they hatch late mornings and thru the early afternoon. When I say fair numbers, nothing like the Bitterroot River, but , for here , just to have some around is a bonus. And , if one fishes very hard can pick up a few fish on top.

Streamers are working for those athletic anglers, either dead drift, or stipping. If you decide to move your fly, move it slow, the water is still cold, ( no weeds!). As soon as it warms a bit, we will be covered up in Baetis, (Blue Winged Olives), and later, Grey Baetis (Pseudos). Over all things are looking fishy here on the Missouri River.

If you are interested in a guided fishing trip, call me @ 406 459 9642!

Thank you,














Big bo with a beauty

tr 5 green (2)


boat metters


in flight


DSC_0027 best mergies (800x532)

Bad weather , big fish


MRS Eagle See ya! (800x453) DSC_0020 (508x800)


Green Head Cin with red eyes (800x615) Teal in flight (800x343)


DSC02685 (995x1024)



close up midges cripples Midges 2014 midgehatchingblacksmall Pink scud pink Squalla Skwala Stone ???????????       Electric Midges Think warm weat

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