Driving on the Other Side ( Part 30 )

Driving on the Other Side ( Part 30 )


queenstown 2

Upon arriving in Queenstown around noon, Bender finds a nice Hotel, books two suites, both with a view of the Lake, a perfect setting for popping the big question to his lustful love, Jane. Everything needed to be perfect, Billy starts to make a list of everything he will need to pull this off. He cannot forget about Kelly, she will have to be an integral part of the plan, if this will be successful . Bender found out at the front desk that the Ferry that comes from Sand Fly Point, arrives, right at 4;00 pm. Four hours to get everything ready for the Magic to take place, he will need flowers, lots of flowers, clothes, Bender will need to go shopping for Himself and his new Bride to be, and he cannot forget about the tall redhead Kelly and her needs. He will also need some kind of a…

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